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General Announcements

Migrating to a new webserver - Nov 18, 2017

We have migrated to a new webserver. It will take a day or two for the Domain Name System to catch up, so don't be alarmed if your URL looks like "". Testing is still happening. If you suspect something isn't working correctly please send the IT Director an email.


Tribute to Dale Green

The Salt Lake Grotto has created a wonderful tribute to Dale Green. You can read the club's tribute to Dale in the August issue of the Rambler. Besides organizing many WMC activities and winning the Pa Perry award (twice!!) Dale also produced one version of the WMC Hike Ratings Guide.


Your vision for the Wasatch Canyons - Oct 17, 2017

Salt Lake County is currently updating the Wasatch Canyons General Plan (last adopted in 1989).  The purpose of this plan is to guide future development and preservation in the canyons. Get involved!


Rambler Articles

The Rambler editor needs more submittals of trip writups and other WMC-specific content.  The Rambler is what the members make it. Send feedback on the Rambler to gro.bulcniatnuomhctasaw@relbmar or contact any board member.


WMC Foundation

Join the Wasatch Mountain Club as we support the Wasatch Mountain Club Foundation and Lodge

Learn more about the WMCF and its Lodge by visiting their website



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