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Governing Board / Contact Us

Governing Board / Contact Us

1390 South 1100 East #103
Salt Lake City, UT 84105-2462

Executive Officers
        Julie Kilgore President 801-244-3323 email
        Bret Mathews Vice President 801-831-5940 email
        Barbara Boehme Co-Secretary 801-633-1583 email
        Deirdre Flynn Co-Secretary 801-381-6128 email
        Dave Rabiger Co-Treasurer 801-971-5836 email
        Tillman Seebohm Co-Treasurer 801-550-5353 email

        Alexis Kelner Historian 801-359-5387 email
        Mark Jones Historical Preservation Coordinator 801-410-4163 email
        Bret Mathews Information Technology Director 801-831-5940 email
        Sue Baker Membership Director 801-201-2658 email
        Stephen Dennis Merchandise/Member Discount Coordinator 801-349-5635 email
        Donnie Benson Centennial Merchandise Coordinator 801-466-5141 email
        Petra Brittner Public Relations Director 512-525-9285 email
        Evette Raen Publications Director - The RAMBLER email
        Jennifer Arce Publications Content Editor 413-537-9927 email
        Randy Long Rambler Distribution Retail Manager 801-931-8020

        Carrie Clark Biking Co-Director 801-931-4739 email
        Chris Winter Biking Co-Director 801-384-0973 email
        Craig Williams Mountain Biking Coordinator 801-598-9291 email

        Kelly Beumer Boating Co-Director 801-230-7967 email
        Aymara Jimenez-Lofgren Boating Co-Director 435-764-4496 email
        Bret Mathews Boating Equipment Co-Coordinator 801-831-5940 email
        Donnie Benson Boating Equipment Co-Coordinator 801-466-5141 email

        Kathleen Waller Climb/Mountaineering Co-Director 801-859-6689 email
        Neil Schmidt Climb/Mountaineering Co-Director 832-316-7122 email
        Shane Wallace Canyoneering Coordinator 801-400-6372 email

        Dennis Goreham Conservation Director 801-550-5169 email

        Nancy Munger Hiking Co-Director 801-419-5554 email
        Michele Stancer Hiking Co-Director 619-368-9589 email
        Mark Bloomenthal Evening Hike Coordinator 801-842-1242 email
        Alex Arakelian Trails Maintenance Co-Coordinator 801-995-5526 email
        Kyle Williams Trails Maintenance Co-Coordinator 435-258-8297 email

        Kathy Burnham Social Co-Director 801-548-8467 email
        Tonya Karren Social Co-Director 801-493-9199 email
        Bart Bartholoma Sing-A-Long Co-Coordinator 801-277-4093 email
        La Rae Bartholoma Sing-A-Long Co-Coordinator 801-277-4093 email

Winter Sports
        Greg Libecci Winter Sports Director 801-699-1999 email
        Lisa Verzella Skiing Coordinator 801-554-4135 email
        Jim Kucera Snowshoeing Coordinator 801-263-1912 email

WMCF Lodge
        Renae Olsen Foundation Liaison 385-315-6917 email

        Zig Sondelski Trustee 2016-2020 801-230-3623 email
        Donn Seeley Trustee 2017-2021 801-706-0815 email
        Dave Rumbellow Trustee 2018-2022 801-889-6016 email
        Michael Budig Trustee 2019-2023 801-403-7677 email

Wasatch Mountain Club, 1390 South 1100 East Suite 103, Salt Lake City, UT 84105-2462
801-463-9842 — gro.bulCniatnuoMhctasaW@ofnI
Wasatch Mountain Club
1390 South 1100 East Suite 103
Salt Lake City, UT 84105-2462

The Wasatch Mountain Club is an outdoor recreation club for adults dedicated to fostering
awareness of the scenic beauties of the Wasatch and encouraging preservation of our natural areas

1390 South 1100 East, Suite 103, Salt Lake City, Utah 84105         801.463.9842         www.wasatchmountainclub.org