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Donate To The WMC Centennial
    Education Endowment

Donate To The WMC Centennial Education Endowment

The Wasatch Mountain Club is proposing to make a lasting legacy in commemoration of the centennial year. Past President John Veranth is working closely with the University of Utah to establish an endowed scholarship fund at the University of Utah to support students in the Parks, Recreation and Tourism department pursuing degrees focused in environmental health and community outdoor recreation.

The Parks, Recreation and Tourism program is part of the College of Health. The program inspires students to inform policy, serve social needs, promote sustainability, and advocate for the health of people, communities, and the environment. This is closely aligned with the purpose statement of the WMC.

Donate to the WMC Centennial Education Endowment
  1. Fund name: The Wasatch Mountain Club Scholarship Fund
  2. Fundraising goal: A minimum of $25,000 is required to establish the endowment (easy to do if just half our members donate $50!), but our goal is to establish a $50,000 endowment that can continue to be funded year after year. Donations received in exchange for Centennial items (like hats, shirts, patches, coasters, mugs, koozies, etc.) will go towards the Endowment, and any sponsorship funds remaining over and above the cost of the Centennial events will be directed to the Endowment, and there is a possibility of some matching funds, so that $50,000 goal is very doable.
  3. How much money will the scholarship provide annually: The university normally distributes at least 3% of an endowment fund balance annually, but this can be adjusted depending on investment returns.
  4. Are individual contributions tax deductible to the donor? Donations made through the WMC would not be tax deductible (we are a non-profit membership organization, but not a 501c3). Donations made directly to the University of Utah will be tax deductible and you will be credited as a donor to the U.
  5. How should contributions be made? Donations can be made through the WMC, either by check or with the "Donate" button above. If the donation is large and tax deductibility is important, checks should be made out to the University of Utah with a memo “WMC Scholarship Fund.” The Club Treasurer can receive and hold any initial checks and once they are transferred to the university, those checks will set up an account number specific to the fundraising.

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