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WMC Hike Ratings

WMC Hike Ratings
NTDNot Too DifficultLightly Strenuous
MODMODerate Moderate to Strenuous
MSDMoSt Difficult Very Strenuous, Difficult
EXTEXTreme An MSD with special requirements

A category rating may be modified with "+" or "-" to show increased or decreased difficulty, respectively, within the category rating.

WMC Activities ratings are based on a system devised for hikes by Kip Yost, which in turn is based on Dale Green's hike ratings table.

With the new trails, trailheads, and trail tracking tools, Dan Smith has updated the ratings and they can be downloaded as PDF files as well as KMZ and GPX files. These ratings will be continually updated as club members provide additional trail data.

Hike Rating Tables:
- View Dale Green's hike ratings table (1993)
- View Kip Yost's hike ratings PDF table (1995)
- View Dan Smith's hike ratings PDF tables (2012) sorted by:
      * Ascent
      * Location
      * Name
      * Rating
      * Steepness
- Additional data and information from Dan Smith can be found on the WMC Dan Smith Hike Rating Page.

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