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Canoe, Kayak & Raft

Bunny Sterin
Boating Co-Director
Becky Joplin
Boating Co-Director
Kelly Beumer
Rafting Coordinator
Kayaking Coordinator
Donnie Benson
Bret Mathews

The Wasatch Mountain Club has a vibrant boating program and owns boats and gear to fully equip club boating trips. The club schedules a wide variety of trips from daily runs to week-long river trips. Trips range in intensity from serene flat water canoe trips to challenging class IV-V whitewater.

For trips on permitted rivers, the trip organizer generally is the permit owner. Participants on the trip are the permit owner's guests. As such, the permit holder may invite or exclude anyone from his or her trip. Organizers frequently screen participants to assure they have the necessary skills, experience and/or gear necessary for a certain trip.

Trip costs are split among the participants based on a variety of factors.

Some of the upcoming activities:

4 days  2019-08-09 Teton Multisport Trip - Flat Water/gentle Float
9 days  2019-08-17 Rafting- San Juan River Class III-
10 days  2019-09-02 White Water Rafting Salmon River Class III+
 2019-09-21 Pink Flamingo Party - Everyone Is Invited Flat Water
4 days  2019-10-18 Kayak/canoe Ruby Horsethief Canyon Class II

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