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Dennis Goreham
Conservation Director

The WMC is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the wild and natural qualities of the State of Utah. The goal is to continuously improve the quality of the outdoor experience for its members through preservation of wild lands and to preserve access to these lands.

In the 1960s the club became increasingly concerned with wilderness conservation. Since then the club members have made extensive studies and participated in lobbying efforts aimed at preserving the Wasatch and Uintah Ranges and many areas of Southern Utah and neighboring states. These efforts have been gratified by the designation of the Lone Peak Wilderness Area in the 1970s and eight other wilderness areas in Utah in 1984.

Aug 19, 2019 - The Central Wasatch Commission Releases a New Draft of the Central Wasatch Conservation and Recreation Area Act

The Central Wasatch Commission is issuing a new draft of the Congressional/federal legislative proposal to implement Mountain Accord. The CWNCRA  has gone through four public review edits since it was originally introduced in 2016 by Congressman Jason Chaffetz. This 8/19/19 version of the bill and it's accompanying guide and map is available for public review and comment.There are three documents to review:

  1. A guide to the 8/19/19 Draft CWNCRA Legislation. This describes the changes since the last public review draft, including a narrative description and a section-by-section table of changes.
  2. 8/19/19 Public Discussion Draft of the CWNCRA. The draft bill.
  3. 8/19/19 Draft Proposed Central Wasatch Conservation and Recreation Area Map. Intended to be read in conjunction with the Guide and the Discussion Draft of the Bill.

Public Engagement

The Central Wasatch Commission public comment period relating to the legislation will be open until September 19th. The Central Wasatch Commission Board will hold a public comment forum at it's September 9th meeting. There will also be a public forum on September 17th in Summit County. The draft legislation will be discussed by the Central Wasatch Commission Stakeholders Council at their September 18th meeting. Details on meeting locations and times may be found on the CWC website: www.cwc.utah.gov.

Email your comment to comments@cwc.utah.gov, or submit a comment at cwc.utah.gov until September 19, 2019. To submit a written comment, please postmark a comment before September 19, 2019 to:

Central Wasatch Commission
41 N. Rio Grande Street #102
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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