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Trip Reports

Trip Reports
Title Author Category Date
snowshoe or microspike hike from north canyon to mueller park Bart Michaelson snowshoe 2020-01-04
co-organized new year afternoon hike - elephant rock and cave peak Bart Michaelson hike 2020-01-01
canyoneering cherry canyon in the virgin river george Jodi Olson climbing 2019-11-01
family hike to diamond fork canyon hot springs Petra Brittner hike 2019-10-20
evening hike - willow lake moose ride Stephen Higgins hike 2019-10-15
bst new section bcc to ferguson trail building service hike Ray Daurelle hike 2019-10-12
end of summer relaxed pace draper evening hike and social Petra Brittner hike 2019-09-30
end of summer relaxed pace draper evening hike & social Petra Brittner hike 2019-09-30
wildcat ridge day hike 2019 Ray Daurelle hike 2019-09-21
hike from grandeur to murdock Steve Glaser hike 2019-09-15
organizer's choice hike in emigration canyon Jerry Hatch hike 2019-09-07
backpack and scramble mt emmons in uintas L Beth Blattenberger hike 2019-08-15
slow pace hike to hot springs in spanish fork canyon Petra Brittner hike 2019-08-11
day hike (maybe snowshoe) upper bells canyon res Andrea Thatcher hike 2019-07-07
day hike rocky mouth canyon peak Andrea Thatcher hike 2019-06-30
day hike explore sheeprock mountain range Andrea Thatcher hike 2019-06-29
day hike lone peak cirque Andrea Thatcher hike 2019-06-23
day hike circle all, raymond, gobblers, reynolds & little water Andrea Thatcher hike 2019-06-22
rockcliff on the jordanelle bike touring overnighter Heidi DeMartis bike 2019-06-15
evening hike: terraces to elbow fork Terry Baker hike 2019-06-13
day hike y, y east, squaw and (possibly) buffalo peak Andrea Thatcher hike 2019-06-09
day hike wildcat ridge early start Ray Daurelle hike 2019-06-08
beginner white water rafting trip - swasey's beach, green river Shane Andrus boating 2019-05-17
rafting san juan river, sand island to clay hills Arnold Tran boating 2019-05-07
draper hike - prompt 6 pm departure Tonya Karren hike 2019-05-06
relaxed pace day hike - lower bell's canyon Tonya Karren hike 2019-04-27
black canyon canoeing trip, colorado river below hoover dam Tom Hamann boating 2019-04-04
virgin river gorge canyoneering Tom Hamann climbing 2019-03-15
stansbury island ridgeline hike Andrea Thatcher hike 2019-03-02
alpine ski resort - workshop ii Da Yang Wipfel ski 2019-02-12
death valley winter road bike escape 2019 Rob Jones bike 2019-02-10
snowshoe - organizer's choice Gregory Lott snowshoe 2019-01-19
evening hike - mt olympus John Kiedaisch hike 2019-01-16
evening hike for winter solstice to grandeur peak Evette Raen hike 2018-12-21
draper ntd Alfred Kessi hike 2018-12-08
hike to the top of houndstooth Ray Daurelle hike 2018-11-10
dry hollow to peak 8498 hike Steve Glaser hike 2018-10-20
day hike: beartrap fork David* Smith hike 2018-09-22
day hike- deseret peak Chris Venizelos hike 2018-09-03
exploratory day hikes along continental divide trail Ray Daurelle hike 2018-08-31
day hike: clayton peak Da Yang Wipfel hike 2018-08-19
hike to mt. timpanogos from aspen grove trailhead Stephen Dennis hike 2018-08-11
hike, petroglyphs, waterfall, 1800's militia guard shack & more Pat Christian hike 2018-08-05
beginner whitewater training trip-- moab daily Heidi DeMartis boating 2018-05-18
redwood national and state parks car camp Aaron* Jones hike 2018-05-18
kayak/canoe - canyonlands nat. park Kathy Jones boating 2018-05-06
yellowstone hike - paced bike ride Stephen Dennis hike 2018-04-13
evening hike - ann's trail stroll and makan makan after Stephen Dennis hike 2018-03-30
snowshoe, organizers choice Stephen Dennis snowshoe 2018-03-24
snowshoe silver fork loop Marie Corbin snowshoe 2018-02-03
slow to moderate pace mod hike - traverse ridge Sue Baker hike 2018-01-21
evening hike - church fork Stephen Dennis hike 2018-01-09
evening hike - church fork Stephen Dennis hike 2017-12-12
deaf smith canyon Jennifer Christenson hike 2017-12-09
evening hike mount olympus Stephen Dennis hike 2017-12-06
hike north parleys ridge to spring canyon overlook Debra Baldwin hike 2017-11-18
leisurely hike lake mary to twin lakes loop Bruce Christenson hike 2017-10-28
kayaking colorado river ruby horsethief class ii Gretchen Siegler boating 2017-10-13
leisurely hike up toll canyon at the top of parleys canyon Karen* Perkins hike 2017-10-12
slow pace draper evening hike Stephen Dennis hike 2017-09-18
rock climb - echo canyon - eastern summit county Kathleen Waller climbing 2017-09-10
day hike - desolation lake Stephen Dennis hike 2017-09-02
kayak/canoe - jackson lake/grand teton nat. park Kathy Jones boating 2017-08-28
day hike: day's fork to silver fork loop David* Smith hike 2017-08-27
mt timpagnogos via timpooneke day hike Evette Raen hike 2017-08-27
pre-lodge party hike: blanche peak Stephen Dennis hike 2017-08-26
day hike to b25 bomber wreck on mt. timpanogos Russell Patterson hike 2017-08-26
slow pace draper evening hike Stephen Dennis hike 2017-08-14
road bike weekend: fish lake - sevenmile creek Robert* Turner bike 2017-08-12
hike mount wolverine loop David* Smith hike 2017-07-30
road bike--around the valley Angela Vincent bike 2017-07-28
rock climb: goat wall (lcc) Nuri Betof climbing 2017-07-27
cecret lake? well, not quite. Bruce Christenson hike 2017-07-08
sequoia and kings canyon national parks car camp Aaron* Jones hike 2017-07-07
rock climb - 101 clinic - learn to climb Kathleen Waller climbing 2017-06-03
evening hike - jack's mt Paul Kikuchi hike 2017-05-09
day hike - big cottonwood flume and mine hike Martin McGregor hike 2017-05-06
bonneville shoreline trail work day Alex Arakelian hike 2017-05-06
stillwater canyon Kathy Jones boating 2017-04-28
rock climb - valley of zion - standsbury mts Kathleen Waller climbing 2017-04-23
rock climb - the hinterlands (provo) Nuri Betof climbing 2017-04-16
rock climb-reservior ridge and dam wall in bcc Nuri Betof climbing 2017-04-13
ferguson canyon evening hike Evette Raen hike 2017-04-03
death valley road bike car camping winter escape 2017 Rob Jones bike 2017-02-06
alpine ski tour: thurs ski backcountry Robert* Myers ski 2016-12-15
day hike mt. superior and monte cristo from alta Evette Raen hike 2016-10-29
nepal - trek to everest base camp Zig Sondelski hike 2016-10-20
day hike: sunset peak (from brighton) David* Smith hike 2016-10-09
meander canyon - colorado river october 2016 Kathy Jones boating 2016-10-08
bonneville shoreline trail building Alex Arakelian hike 2016-09-17
backpack/scramble mt lovenia (uintas) via w fork blacks fork L Beth Blattenberger hike 2016-09-03
grand teton national park backpack Richard Jirik hike 2016-08-27
leigh lake august 2016 Kathy Jones boating 2016-08-05
rock climb and clean up - echo canyon - bear hollow area Kathleen Waller climbing 2016-07-23
hugh's canyon with bruce christenson Darwin Eggli hike 2016-07-23
july 2016 leigh lake Kathy Jones boating 2016-07-22
rock climb, cirque of the towers area, wind rivers, wy Frank Nederhand climbing 2016-07-22
butler fork loop day hike David* Smith hike 2016-06-12
rock climb - 101 clinic - learn to climb Kathleen Waller climbing 2016-06-04
slow pace draper evening hike - ghost falls-corner canyon Suzan Jensen hike 2016-05-16
mountaineering: climb the highest peak in iceland Carol Masheter hike 2016-05-12
bells canyon to the upper reservoir Jeff Munger snowshoe 2016-05-07
kayak/canoe san juan (sand island to mexican hat) John Schwed boating 2016-05-03
meander canyon - colorado river Kathy Jones boating 2016-04-29
day hike houndstooth Evette Raen hike 2016-04-09
snowshoe to lake blanche, sundial ridge saddle & blanche peak Michael Hannan snowshoe 2016-03-08
south thunder mountain - 3/5/2016 Taylor Waddel hike 2016-03-05
lone peak winter mountaineering Michael Hannan climbing 2016-02-13
rock climb - las vegas / red rocks Frank Nederhand climbing 2016-02-12
death valley road bike car camping winter escape 2016 Rob Jones bike 2016-02-08
leisurely hike salt lake overlook ntd Suzan Jensen hike 2016-02-06
winter trek to gobbler's knob Michael Hannan snowshoe 2016-02-06
ice climb bridal veil apron/stairway Paul Francis climbing 2015-12-18
rock climb - maple canyon - camp and climb Kathleen Waller & Greg Baldacci climbing 2015-10-15
hike thomas fork of neffs towards triangle peak Stephen Carr hike 2015-10-10
white water rafting- canyonlands Bruce Richardson boating 2015-09-22
day hike: pfeifferhorn via red pine Carol Masheter hike 2015-09-13
hike to sunset peak Phyllis* Anderson hike 2015-09-13
grand teton car camp Aaron Jones hike 2015-09-12
kayak/canoe-leigh lake, grand teton national park Kathy Jones boating 2015-07-31
maple canyon climb and camping trip Kristin Thomas climbing 2015-07-17
hike white baldy from red pine Jeff Munger hike 2015-07-11
lookout peak loop hike L Beth Blattenberger hike 2015-06-06
escalante area canyoneering John* Veranth climbing 2015-05-08
mountaineering - cascade mountain via crow's foot couloir Benjamin Stokes climbing 2015-04-05
kayaking upper san juan class ii Wanda Gayle boating 2015-04-02
death valley winter escape road bike 2015 Rob Jones bike 2015-02-04
escalante backpack Russell Patterson hike 2014-10-10
paddling on the great salt lake -- multi-sport weekend Da Yang Wipfel boating 2014-10-04
kayak/canoe grand teton national park Pam Stalnaker boating 2014-08-21
the fabulous subway- intro to canyoneering -- group ii Benjamin Stokes climbing 2014-08-01
bike touring: jackson, wy loop Rob Jones bike 2014-06-23
point reyes national seashore backpack Aaron Jones hike 2014-04-19
canoeing on-water training Pam Stalnaker boating 2014-04-19
paddling san juan- april 8-12 Wanda Gayle boating 2014-04-08
alpine ski tour 1/2 day Alfred Balch ski 2014-04-06
relaxed alpine ski tour upper big cottonwood Alfred Balch ski 2014-03-30
up thayne's and down neff's snowshoe Ken Engstrom snowshoe 2013-12-10
hike wolverine cirque-slow to moderate pace Da Yang Wipfel hike 2013-08-31
alexander basin/gobblers/bowman loop hike Karen* Perkins hike 2013-07-20
slow pace mod+ hike: granite flat to dry creek Da Yang Wipfel hike 2013-06-23
bbq potluck and sing-a-long at judene shelley's home Da Yang Wipfel social 2013-06-21
yampa river, white water rafting, 5 days Carl Harline boating 2013-06-11
rock climb / canyoneering-self rescue 101 Da Yang Wipfel climbing 2013-06-04
rock climb beginners refresher session Da Yang Wipfel climbing 2013-05-04
majestic mojave springtime sojourn car camp Aaron Jones hike 2013-04-20
day hike little black mountain Carol Nielson hike 2013-04-13
hike to pioneer peak above the brighton lakes Steve Werner hike 2012-08-11
hike mineral fork Patrick de Freitas hike 2012-05-26
hike: provo crown run Samuel Cannon hike 2012-03-10
canoeing black canyon - part deux Rob Jones boating 2012-03-08
death valley mid-winter road bike escape 2012 Rob Jones bike 2012-02-03
loop hike up porter and down bowman Karen* Perkins hike 2011-07-23
backpack - california's lost coast Rob Jones hike 2011-06-21
kanab - grand canyon bike touring Rob Jones bike 2011-06-03
georges hollow-living room 4/14/11 sadie wolfe hike 2011-04-14
nordic ski tour: kings peak Larry Swanson ski 2011-03-25
sing-a-long at hilary bertagnole's home Bonnie Bowman social 2011-03-19
snowshoe: yo-yo maybird Shane Bode snowshoe 2010-12-26
ogden frontrunner loop road bike Robert Dupuis bike 2010-11-06
road bike tooele valley Robert Dupuis bike 2010-10-30
road bike: tooele valley Robert Dupuis bike 2010-10-30
john muir trail backpack (part 1) Michael Budig hike 2010-08-10
hike/visit red butte garden Christine Schnitzer hike 2010-05-10
kings peak nordic ski tour Larry Swanson ski 2010-03-27
potluck "june in january" sing-a-long & potluck Frederick Tripp social 2010-01-22
afternoon goat hike - millcreek canyon Robert Jones hike 2010-01-10
kayak/canoe stansbury lake Laron Huddleston boating 2009-11-01
grand canyon north rim 6 days Aaron Jones hike 2009-09-22
main salmon Don Urrizaga boating 2009-06-17
kings peak ski tour (36th annual) 2009 Larry Swanson ski 2009-03-27
lone peak winter ascent, 5th annual Robert Ging snowshoe 2009-01-24
big cottonwood canyon June Akers hike 2008-09-16
white pine montain bike ride Dawn Dale bike 2008-08-24
east canyon resort to morgan Gloria Leonard bike 2008-08-22
ferguson canyon Charles Angione hike 2008-07-13
main salmon Steve Sprowles boating 2008-06-27
tuesday night mountain bike rides Nick Calas bike 2008-06-03
paddling class Marilyn Smith boating 2008-04-12
king's peak Larry Swanson ski 2008-03-28
canoe black canyon, colorado river Marjorie Gendler boating 2008-03-13
hughes canyon David Rabiger hike 2007-11-03
where does all that recycling go? Marilyn Smith conservation 2007-10-25
dry creek canyon trail Steve Baker hike 2007-10-14
little cottonwood canyon Dudley McIlhenny hike 2007-09-11
city of rocks Niki Florence climbing 2007-08-31
deseret peak Bernard Rouse hike 2007-07-25
lost river range in idaho Donn Seeley hike 2007-06-30
havasupai Bob Grant hike 2007-05-04
canoeing 101 Marilyn Smith boating 2007-04-14
the 34th kpt Larry Swanson ski 2007-03-31
wanship to echo - 30 miles Cheryl Soshnik bike 2007-03-23
heber valley tour Cheryl Soshnik bike 2007-03-18
snow caving/camping Heidi Schubert ski 2007-03-01
canyon-tour Heidi Schubert ski 2007-01-28
yellowstone Richard Jirik hike 2006-09-16
yo yo mod ski tours Karen Perkins ski 0000-00-00

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