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Greg Libecci
Winter Sports Director
Jim Kucera
Snowshoe Coordinator

Welcome to the WMC's "snowshoe the greatest snow on earth" page. There are many useful links on this page which will direct you to things you need to know such as weather forecasts, avalanche conditions, upcoming clinics and talks, trip ratings, bus schedules, road conditions, ski/snowshoe swaps, equipment reviews and most importantly, registration forms for volunteering to organize ski trips. Volunteers organize a variety of trips throughout the winter season. We encourage you to check the calendar and register early for trips so you don't get shut out. Be safe, have fun and participate in all that this great club has to offer!


Some of the upcoming activities:

 2019-03-20 Wednesday Snowshoe MOD-
 2019-03-23 Snowshoe To South Thunder Mountain (11,154') MSD
 2019-03-23 Leisurely Paced Winter Hike/snowshoe Neff's Canyon To ?? MOD
 2019-03-24 Snowshoe/ Snow Hike - Vickory Mt In The Stansbury Range MOD+
 2019-03-26 Snowshoe, Park City Environs MOD
 2019-03-30 Snowshoe Meeting/social - Annual Gourmet Snowshoe At Willow Lake NTD
 2019-03-30 Snowshoe To Kelsey Peak (10,373') MSD-
 2019-04-06 Snowshoe - Organizer's Choice MOD
 2019-04-07 Snowshoe/ Snow Hike - Mill Canyon Peak Via American Fork MSD-
 2019-04-07 Snowshoe Lookout Peak MOD
 2019-04-09 Snowshoe, Park City Environs MOD
 2019-04-16 Snowshoe, Park City Environs MOD
 2019-04-28 Snowshoe/ Snow Hike - Brighton MOD
 2019-04-28 Snowshoe Ennis Peak MSD-

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