training: belay clinic; both common belay skills and advanced trad belays

Learn and practice various belays skills, they allow you to adapt to the various circumstances a climber must deal with. "How should we manage our partners second least on life(rope)?" Weight x distance / stopping distance x two = maximum dynamic load. Falling the distance of a persons height can develop over 2,000 lbs of force, and apply approx. 3,300 lbs of force on the top anchor. The rope stretch helps manage these forces, but the belayer can do a number of things to minimize and control these forces as well. Learn the principles associated with belaying and advance belays. Helmets Required. More thoughts about belays and belaying in the link below. A volunteer or two to help teach, etc. would be welcome.

Organizer:Douglas Hansen
Date:Sat Jul 13 2019
Meeting Place:Registration required
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This activity is being organized by a Wasatch Mountain Club member.