Tonya Karren
Tonya Karren
Entertainment Director

The Wasatch Mountain Club is a great place to meet new people interested in the outdoor activities that you enjoy. In addition to the many physical activities, the club also supports several social outings, picnics, potlucks, trip slideshows, live music, and of course, parties. Anyone can suggest a social event. The social committee would love to hear your suggestions and accept your participation. If you have a trip talk to present, just let us know. Examples of yearly parties - we hope to see you there:

Many of these events are free, though when an event is held at the WMC lodge, each club member is expected to pay a lodge user fee of $5 and each non-member $8. It’s just an additional $3 to stay overnight. Members are also expected to help clean up after the event - unfortunately, it's not ALL fun and games, just most of the time.

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Upcoming activities:

 2020-10-31 Centennial Halloween Masquerade Party - Cancelled
 2020-11-04 Virtual Wmc Centennial Committee Planning Session
 2020-11-10 Social - Online Book Club
 2020-11-11 Wmc Board Meeting
 2020-11-14 Trip Organizer And Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
 2020-12-05 Save The Date: Centennial Closing Event Social, Alf Engen Ski Museum
 2020-12-08 Social - Online Book Club
 2020-12-09 Wmc Board Meeting